It all started a cold and dark winter day in Reykjavik, Iceland. As two creative souls we began to brainstorm and then it was no return. We want to capture moments that are impossible to reproduce and create your story.


With more than five years in the wedding photography industry Emma knows how to capture real love.

Emma is a photographer with the eye on the details.
She is a perfectionist and never happy before the result turns out close to perfection.

The ability she has to tell a story just impresses me. She can make everyone relaxed, even though you don’t have the experience of how to act and move in front of the camera.

Emma is the sweetest person and professional and she will make you look like you. Not as anyone else, but as yourself. And that is a skill many doesn’t know how to achieve. I’m so proud to be her friend and colleague.



With fashion editorial photography in her portfolio Sandra wants to bring the editorial fine art feeling to your story.

I met Sandra when we were studying Digital Marketing together. We became good friends when we found out that we had many similar interests; Music, creativity and photography.

Sandra is a creative photographer where she gets everyone to feel beautiful and confident in front of her camera. Her pictures are magical and real. She is full of kindness and really cares about you and the final result in everything she do.

I’m more than happy that she’s my friend and now colleague.